A Fake Watch Rolex GMT-Master With Fuchsia Insert Ref.16750

A patinated insert can make any Replica Rolex absolutely unique, and here it does the job in a magnificent way. Its uniform fading over the years turned the original red into a beautiful fuchsia and toned down the blue on the upper part. And this rolex gmt master replica For Sale has more than a cool look –case condition is great for a nearly half-century old watch, with thick lugs and still visible bevels. The dial offers nice patina on the indexes – uniform as we like it, and matching the lume on the hands. The watch also comes with its original folded Oyster bracelet but the plexi was replaced, probably on purpose in order to get rid of the date cyclops.


A U.S. dealer specializing in vintage Rolex is offering this sweet rolex gmt master 16570 replica watch for $11,600