Best Rolex Submariner Date ‘HULK’ Replica Watch Ref.116610 LV

Everything about Best Rolex Submariner Date ‘HULK’ Replica Watch has been designed for undersea use. The knurling on the bezel is precisely angled and measured to be easily manipulated whilst wearing a wetsuit or drysuit gloves. Because while the actual Bruce Banner would probably be more inclined to wear a Milgauss, how neat would it have been to see Ruffalo rocking the 40 mm bulk of this big green Submariner? The generous lume on the applied hour markers and hands, and on the reference pip of the bezel, is intended to make the Hulk highly visible in the murky world beneath the waves.

In the case of the GMT-Masters, the two-tone Cerachrom bezels that help the wearer distinguish day from night. And for the Rolex Submariner Date Replica Watch, both the unidirectional rotational Cerachrom bezel and the dial. Which are, of course, a deep and striking green.

Rolex Submariner Date ‘HULK’ 116610 LV

I’m afraid I have to report a failure on the part of the props department for Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Try as I might, I cannot find a single picture of Mark Ruffalo (as Bruce Banner) wearing the Rolex Submariner Date ‘Hulk’ (Rolex ref 116610LV). Shame on you, Hollywood.

In an age where luxe sports watches say everything about your lifestyle and the success that has enabled you to enjoy it, the Submariner has become a ubiquitous symbol of affluence and a work-hard, play-hard attitude. It’s one of the most recognisable and most-faked luxury watches in the world.

So, who would win in a fight between the GMT-Master II Batman and the Submariner Date Hulk? Well, underwater it’s the Hulk all the way. The Submariner as a luxury dive watch needs no introduction, just as the Ferrari as a sports car would need no introduction.

On land, the Hulk Submariner has the advantage of being a variant of Rolex’s most popular model.
The Rolex Submariner Replica Watch has everything you want from a luxury dive watch—even, some purists might argue, a little too much. Whether a date window has any place on a diver is a matter of constant argument amongst watch nerds. If you wear your Hulk in the boardroom, I’m guessing the extra information is a good and useful thing (assuming you forgot your smartphone and/or PA, of course). It does unbalance the dial, but only very slightly: and the watch as a whole is chunky enough to pull off a bit of asymmetry.

Rolex Replica Watch, or the legion of its fans, has a habit of naming its big-hitting watches after pop-culture icons. We’ve seen the red-and-blue ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Master II. And, of course, the black-and-blue ‘Batman’ GMT-Master II. The nicknames refer to the colours on bezels and dials. And it’s available in a dizzying range of iterations, from the full-yellow-gold-and-blue-dial of the most expensive models to the ‘entry-level’ all-steel-and-coloured-dial variants (of which the Hulk is one).