Cheap Rolex Submariner Blue Dial Replica Watches 16600

2008 Basel and horological exhibit very busy, especially rolex submariner replica, the 2008th anniversary of the 2008 is actually a rolex (although the rolex never officially recognised this view), but in this one year, rolex did a lot of change. He shut down the first widely popular sea – 16600 dweller, instead it is full of new technology, but at the same time, it’s hard to wear Deep sea sea dweller. The next DAY the DATE II also debut. These two watches can no doubt on the BASEL exhibition attracted a lot of attention. At the same time, exhibited Cheap Fake Watches Rolex Submariner For Sale, as usual, a lot of new DAYTONA.


But the most unexpected is, first introduced three replica rolex submariner blue dial For Sale coupled with 11661 x (water), one of which is Platinum plate coupled with 116619 LB, 9 in the model represents platinum materials, LB is French “Lunette Bleu” abbreviation. Instead of the existing series of submariner, they through the design of new improved submariner coupled, the modified design in the past three years of BASEL fair on the new GMT watch on.


Rolex series modified always from the beginning of the precious metal materials, coupled with 116619 is one example, consider the Cheap Replica rolex submariner blue stainless steel motion coupled with the retail price is $116619 and $29850, I suggest you buy an adamant double color or all steel water ghost. Of course like to have gold fish have to friends, low-key, 116619 is also a good choice.