Essential Facts About Cheap Replica Rolex Watch 5-Year Guarantee

The novel guarantee period will be extended from two to five years on all Cheap Replica Rolex Watch purchased from an authorized cheap replica Rolex watches retailer on and after July 1, 2015. This is two-and-a-half times longer than the two-year guarantee that was previously offered, and miles ahead of most other watch brands.

Rolex has always been proud of the durability and longevity of its timepieces. And in an increasingly competitive market, the brand with the crown in its logo made a big move in 2015 to confirm its leading position with the new Rolex five-year guarantee.

However, as there is no official communication on this, it might be a tad difficult to understand how to take advantage. So here is some help with the most frequently asked questions I’ve encountered.

The short answer is no. That said, if you have purchased a Rolex between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015, you will be granted one additional year on top of your current two-year guarantee for a total of three years.


How does this compare to the rest of the industry’s guarantees? Like the original luxury replica Rolex watches guarantee, most Swiss and German watch brands currently offer a two-year plan. There are exceptions, however.

What most people perhaps don’t know is that Replica Rolex Watch also offers an extended two-year guarantee on watches where it has performed a complete and official service maintenance. Naturally, this is voided if a third, non-Rolex-authorized party has meddled with the parts or accessories.

Addendum: We have just been informed that Breitling also offers a five-year guarantee on its in-house movements. This exclusive guarantee has been in place since 2012.

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What does this mean for the industry?

It’s no secret that every brand would love to have the brand-name strength and power that Rolex does. I’ve never spoken to a retailer who wouldn’t drop everything they have to become an authorized retailer of best replica Rolex watches timepieces.

My bet is that we will see a lot of brands lengthen their guarantee periods in the near future as a result of this move.

Rolex is the first quality watch brand to offer a five-year guarantee. Rolex Replica Watch and Casio both offer five-year guarantees, but on inexpensive quartz movements. Fossil has an eleven-year guarantee, but again on quartz, and at those prices the client can simply be shipped a new watch without much pecuniary damage to the company.