Pepsi Bezel Comeback: Replica Rolex GMT Master II Watch 2016

Rolex GMT Master II
Replica Rolex GMT Master II Watches 

At BaselWorld 2014, Replica Watches Rolex For Sale finally brings back the red and blue bezel beloved of GMT Master collectors everywhere in the world. Since the creation of the rolex gmt master ii swiss replica watch  in 2005, when the watch was updated for the 21st century, the watch-loving public has been waiting for the return of the red and blue bezel. Visually, nothing characterizes the GMT Master aesthetic more than this so-called “pepsi’ color for the bezel. Why has Best Fake Rolex Watches For Sale Online taken nearly 10 years to make this color happen? Well, from its fortress within BaselWorld, the mighty Swiss watchmaker explains at length in a document titled How Cheap Fake Rolex Achieved the Impossible how it took much more than 10 years…GMT-Master_II_

Yes, conventional thinking had it that a single cerachrom piece (the ceramic insert used for the bezel had to be made as a single piece) could not be manufactured in bulk with anything other than a single color. In 2013, the company effectively did the impossible by introducing the black and blue bezel for the rolex gmt master ii replica ceramic. This year, the red and blue is back, with two patents protecting the process for achieving the colors. In terms of specifications, the GMT Master II is no different from the iterations from 2005 onwards but collectors should take note that the watch is being offered only in 18k white gold.

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