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The Replica Rolex Daytona is considered the ultimate reference for people that like driving. While it is easy to see the Rolex features we are used to, there is something about the Daytona that makes it unique and a perfect watch not just for car enthusiasts. The elegance of a Rolex watch is unmatched by any other manufacturer but the Daytona also comes with a very precise movement and stopwatch functions; perfect to time a fast lap.

The commendable cheap replica rolex daytona rose gold brown face for sale, named after the famous Daytona Race and designed for racecar driver enthusiasts, is a highly collectable, self-winding chronograph. Launched in 1963, and worn by race and watch luminaries as Paul Newman and Sir Malcolm Campbell, is equipped with a tachometric scale for measuring speed and precise timing to one eighth of a second.

The story behind the two series of Rolex Daytona models is quite popular. The original series went into production in the early 1960s in a small quantity. The thing that will make this series iconic is that every model has a unique four digit reference number. While the selling price of an original Rolex Daytona wasn’t very big, the limited amount available and the fact that every model was unique will make it the ultimate collector’s item in a couple of decades.

The second series was introduced in the early 1990s and it had some modifications done to it, mainly with the movement which was now much more precise.  This series has a six digit code and it is produced in larger numbers than the first series to make up for the huge demand.

The Rolex Daytona watches available now are truly works of art and quite valuable due to their precise movement as well as rare materials used to make them. Despite this fact, the original series is much more valuable and considered by some as the Holy Grail for watch collectors.

The name comes from the popular 24 hour endurance race which for sponsorship reasons is now called Rolex  Daytona Watches. It is organized every year and sports cars race for 24 hours straight until the winner is awarded; a race that has its beginnings in the year 1962, soon after the track was build.

There are currently eight models available in the Replica Rolex Daytona series, each with its own unique style as far as materials go. The most amazing one is the Everose gold watch with a black leather bracelet.