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rolex sky dweller white gold replica watch shows the hands of local authorities through the center and a reference time of a rotating disk selected visible on the dial. The date is displayed below the Cyclops lens at 3 clock for easy reading, while the month. Through discrete openings 12 around the circumference of the ball

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Time, date, and Top quality rolex sky dweller white gold replica  was quickly fixed with an innovative interface between the bezel and the movement. The control ring Bezel Rolex is the central point of the interface that implements the travelers choose different global functions very easily. Each function can be set quickly and easily in both directions through the crown of the roll.

The disc 24 hours, the time can be read at home at a glance and gives Sky Dweller unique aesthetic identity.

Travelers can read global reference time – time at home or at work – visible by a rotating disk on the dial. A fixed number of points inverted red triangle in the selected reference time. The 24-hour day differs significantly for several hours overnight in the reference surface (eg B.) 22 hours against 10 clock. At any time and in any place, whether it is the right time to communicate, to be with someone on the other side of the world.

It can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to the jumping hour hand Rolex.

Sky Dweller shows the local time at your destination in the central hours of conventional, minutes and seconds.

To set the local time, then the traveler global hour hand move independently, in increments of 1 hour, back and forth without the minute or second hands or reference time.

The modification date is linked to the local time and occurs in a few milliseconds at midnight. Hence the data is in the opening is always the current date at the location of the passenger.

Inspired by the Saros, an astronomical phenomenon, the annual number of Sky Dweller difference between 30 – and 31-day month.

Annual calendar automatically difference between 30 – and 31-day month. The exact date will be displayed throughout the year and requires only one year of adjustment – 1 March February has only 28 or 29 days.

January 14 February at 1:00 clock, and so on. Months of the year in 12 starts discrete given to the circumference of the ball The current month is identified by a contrasting color.

The Saros Greek term has been used since ancient times to describe astronomical cycle model alignment between the sun, earth and moon. This is the design of the rolex sky dweller replica for sale  mechanism inhabitants of heaven has inspired years. Saros system is formed a planetary (equal to G) in the center of the movement. A planetary gear (with its center on the ground) with the sun gear and that orbits of the sun gear is coupled in a month increased by recording date. The satellite conference will open with four fingers (the moon) for the four 30-day months (April, June, September and November) equipped. These fingers in a specific position at the end of each month, forcing the date to two days to skip to 30 days per month. After a year, revised the system to its original position after a full cycle of Saros.

Wit Saros developed system of Rolex lies in its simple and systematic irregular appearance of the 30 – and 31-day month. For this system, only two gear ratios and gear to the traditional snapshot Rolex calendar are added. This simplicity ensures robustness and reliability of the annual calendar function.

The Ring Command bezel can be activated with one of the three positions to the function you want to set the date, time, and reference time set to select. The selected function can quickly be adjusted in either direction, forward or backward using the crown. This interface developed by Rolex allows adjustment without restriction.

This intuitive interface based on a complex mechanical assembly not less than 60 components and requirements of the art of watchmaking and micro-based experience together. Thanks to its innovative interface between the case and the movement, is the Ring Command bezel. The product design expertise and manufacturing of all major components of the Rolex clock