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The folding grip on the Rolex Milgauss is just one that can create some debates. Unlike the Oyster Flip Lock grip that is found on the GMT Master II, this one doesn’t possess a folding lock and uses a loose bit that you pull with palms (or nail) or drive to create a lock. This lever-like bit, even if closed, appears to be dangling and doesn’t seem to be securely locked, while the remaining part of the grip does lock very nicely. In the beginning, I did not love this bracelet design, since the dangling portion of the bracelet seemed to spin a little… But I have to come to love the simple fact that it’s a whole lot easier to open and shut this bracelet than the Oyster Flip Lock on the GMT Master II. And to get a daily wearer on the job, I found that the simplicity of the Rolex Milgauss bracelet permits me to adjust it on my wrist quickly and efficiently without even taking a look at the watch and loosing any concentration on the task at hand.When Rolex first published the Rolex Milgauss mention 116400GV anniversary model, it was in certain short supply which resulted in a variety of speculations and cost hikes. However, nowadays you can find it in many authorized traders, though its price keeps creeping up using Rolex’s annual cost changes, signaling perhaps a certain level of sales achievement. The reference 116400GV model retails for $8,200 while the white dial and black dial models go for slightly less $7,650. The primary difference, besides the different dial schemes is the GV is the only one with the green crystal, others have the regular transparent sapphire crystal clear. It’s also the only Rolex with a non-transparent sapphire crystal.

  • Obviously, the result of being subjected to so much accidental or intentional magnetic fields is that whatever you have on you which is sensitive to these areas will be impacted. You also don’t need to understand much about the internal workings of a mechanical watch to realize that a magnetic field is one of its enemies. Briefly, mechanical watches ( even the top ones) utilize a balance wheel comprising a hairspring that is used to regulate the motion, it is the view’s heartbeat, if you may. Mess with the hairspring or balance wheel and you’ll end up with a watch that runs too fast or too slow… Therefore, in situations where the view is exposed to a magnetic field, elements of this watch could be magnetized and therefore be disrupted.It is in this context that various manufacturers started exploring how to attain watches that could resist such fields. IWC was the first to launch a widely available watch resistant to magnetic fields with its aptly named Ingénieur model. Not to be outdone, in the exact same time-frame, Rolex also released its own magnetic-resistant watch: the Rolex Milgauss (from the French “mille” and Gauss, so resistant to 1000 Gauss). James Stacey recently covered some newly announced Ingénieur bits by IWC, to be released in 2013: the year of the Ingénieur for IWC.The basic invention in the Rolex Milgauss and the IWC Ingénieur along with other such watches is using a Faraday cage that calms the motion. Very similar to how being within an airplane protects you from the consequences of lightning, a Faraday cage (ferromagnetic enclosure) round the motion will divert a current or magnetic field and shield and protect the entire movement, for example, balance wheel and its hairspring. While being a great advanced step in watchmaking, there’s quite a bit more into the new Rolex Milgauss than just a Faraday cage.

  • The container encloses the movement and onto the dial side, while the rear seals the movement side. To ensure that the movement would be guarded as far as possible, the designers let for only a bare minimum of openings in the dial and case. That is the reason there isn’t any aperture for a date display, for example. There are just the necessary small openings to the winding stem and for the axles that anchor the hands. The majority of other watches with magnetic security have an interior case with three parts, together with the components layered on top of one another rather than threaded together.Rolex didn’t stop there; its own engineers were determined to make additional modifications to prevent even minute amounts of magnetism from leaking into the motion. The consequence of this initiative was that the grim Parachrom hairspring that looks in the Rolex Milgauss Look Alike Replica Milgauss in addition to other Rolex models such as the Daytona, the brand new GMT-Master II and the Yacht-Master II. It is made of a niobium-zirconium alloy having an aluminum coating and remains completely unaffected by magnetic fields. It’s also supposed to withstand shocks better than conventional hairsprings. (Click here to read WatchTime’s 2010 visit to the Rolex manufacturing facility in Bienne, Switzerland and also learn more about these Rolex-exclusive springs are created.) Moreover, the pallet fork and escape wheel are made from amorphous nickel-phosphorous, which is totally antimagnetic. Opening the sound, screw-down caseback reveals the next caseback made from soft iron. It can be started with the same unique wrench used for its outer caseback. This caseback is indicated with a “B” with an arrow above it — the symbol for magnetic flux density — as an indicator of its special function.

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    Basic Info

    Brand Rolex
    Model Milgauss
    Ref. No. 116400GV
    Chrono24-ID 4pa5g2
    Code 2986
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Steel
    Bracelet material Steel
    Year 2018
    Condition 0 (unworn)
      With box
      With papers
    Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
    Location Russia, Moscow
    Price $7,899
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic


    Case material Steel
    Case diameter 40 mm
    Waterproof 10 ATM
    Glass Sapphire Glass
    Dial Blue


    Bracelet material Steel
    Bracelet color Steel


    Luminescent Hands, Blue Steel Hands, Chronometer, Luminous indexes

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