Rolex launched a New Deepsea Sea Dweller D-Blue Special Edition Replica Watch

It is released in the watch faster than cabin rolex deepsea sea-dweller d-blue dial watch replica decompression is slow, it is trapped in relatively large pressure inside the watch that may lead to irreparable damage. Taking into account various factors, Rolex engineers have developed a helium valve spring assembly: When the watch inside and outside with a difference of more than 3-5 bar pressure, the valve will open to let the helium release, and waterproof watch at this time not affected.

Deepsea D-Blue Special Edition
Innovative Chromalight surface luminous display is clear to read effectively enhance the invention when in dark environments. The blue light display time is twice the normal luminous materials. By the same luminous material, so that the wearer even in the dark seabed done and still be able to clearly read zero triangular mark on the outer ring. After professional divers dive, you must first go to a decompression chamber gas mixture containing helium inhalation. In the pressure cabin, which is extremely light and unstable helium gas permeable every corner, even if the internal watch.

Depends unique Ringlock system for rolex deepsea sea dweller replica  has a remarkable firmness, waterproof and pressure resistance. The Rolex patented innovations case structure, so that the watch can withstand a depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) of strong pressure, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. Patented Glidelock extension system allows divers even wearing a wetsuit, but also without the use of any tools can easily adjust the strap to experience stable and comfortable feeling to wear the watch. Buckle under sturdy toothed components can each measure 2 mm in length, will be extended to 20 mm strap.

Two case designed to help rolex deepsea sea-dweller d-blue replica withstand the enormous pressure caused by water depth. First, a solid titanium case back because of high hardness but with this clever flexible titanium alloy material, so that the watch can withstand the weight of the deep sea and intact. In addition, the water pressure itself three main components Rolex replica system will help more fit, so the case is closed tighter bottom with depth, and the ability to produce fully sealed case.