Swiss Replica Rolex Oyster Daytona Chronograph Tropical Watch Ref. 6234

The Swiss Replica Rolex Oyster Daytona Chronograph Tropical Watch were all made between the 1920s and the 1980s and have all contributed in some way to the legend that is cheap replica watches Rolex. To be clear, there isn’t a single watch in that auction that is not deserving of your attention – the catalog was curated by none other than John Goldberger – but my attention was absorbed by this particular chronograph, a tropical reference 6234 in truly unbelievable condition.

In some ways, reference 6234 is to the Daytona what the Porsche 356 is to the 911. Behind its elegant and conservative chassis, it announces the arrival of a sports icon. Quality 6234s are extremely rare and highly sought-after. According to the latest estimates, Rolex made approximately 2,000 models during the six-year production span, which was between 1955 and 196. Most of these were in stainless steel Oyster cases, with either silver or black dials.

A few weeks ago, Phillips transformed the ground floor of its London office into an unofficial Rolex museum of sorts. The auction house was showing off the incredible watches that comprise “Rolex Milestones: 38 Legendary Watches That Shaped Rolex History,” a thematic sub-auction taking place as a part of Phillips upcoming Hong Kong sale.

Reference 6234 is the grandfather of the iconic Daytona reference 6239.

This particular model – a U.S. market import – was made in 1960, approximately one year before Rolex ceased producing the reference entirely and began making the  Rolex Oyster Daytona Chronograph Swiss Replica Watch  reference 6238, the Daytona’s immediate predecessor. This makes the 6234 the penultimate “Pre-Daytona,” but in reality it’s actually “pre-everything.”

The reference 6234 had a relatively short production run, and is one of the most sought after Pre-Daytonas on the market today.

This reference is the last before the debut of baton hands and faceted hour markers, both present in the ref. 6238 and both absolute pillars of the Daytona’s design. It also comes a few years before screw-down pushers, tachymeter bezels, and other traits commonly associated with early Rolex Oyster Daytona Replica Watch . It also comes a full decade before any automatic chronograph caliber and is powered by the manually-wound Valjoux 72A movement.

The hours are marked by short darts and luminous dots, the hands are dagger-shaped, and the dial features two scales, a tachymeter and a telemeter. The watch has all the qualities of a sports watch, including magnetic and water resistance down to 200 meters. And, yet, the smaller case proportions, the polished bezel, and some of the more conservatively-styled components create a real generation gap between it and its descendants . It’s much more classic in its presentation, and a lot more compact than future Rolex chronographs as well, at just 36mm in diameter.

The reason people are going crazy for this model? The amazing “tropical” dial.

Interestingly, there’s a seemingly similar watch on offer, but this watch in fact has a tropical ref. 6234 dial presented in a ref. 6238 case. So, obviously, on second glance these watches are almost impossible to compare at all.

The caseback is pristine and you can still see the brushing.

Phillips will hold its themed auction, “Rolex Milestones: 38 Legendary Watches That Shaped Rolex History,” on November 28 as part of its larger Hong Kong sale.

You might wonder why this particular watch, of all the lots on offer, caught my eye. It’s pretty simple, actually. I had walked into the room with Rolex’s latest Rolex Daytona Replica Watch on my wrist, and, while there is very little common ground between that watch and this 1950s “pre-Daytona” chronograph, the lineage is clearly there and one still feels a sense of paying respect to one’s elders of sorts. Or at least I did.

What makes this particular model exceedingly special – other than it being the very watch that appears on page 87 of John Goldberger’s book, 100 Superlative Rolex Replica Watch – is its dial. When it comes to luxury fake Rolex watches, black dials tend to carry much more value than silver dials, if we look at typical market prices. But a black lacquer gilt dial that has turned dark chocolate? It just doesn’t get better than that. Seriously. Only a handful of tropical dial 6234s have ever surfaced on the secondhand market, and boy, does this one look spectacular. The color is uniform and the lume dots are intact. In other words, it has aged “properly.” And the condition of the case and bracelet is the best I’ve ever seen. Every curve, detail, and finish is as it should be. Make no mistake: This is a very, very special watch.