Swiss Rolex Explorer Black Dial Replica Watch

The new version of the Swiss Rolex Explorer Black Dial Replica Watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet and has two dial color options: white and black. I have the white one, but I have to admit that this black one looks pretty good as well. Also, Rolex has created a limited edition Rolex Explorer II Pro Hunter, all black, with a carbon coating.

Rolex Explorer Replica

Overall, this Rolex Explorer Black Dial Replica Watch comes with great looks and probably feel too. Even if there are a few elements on it, and they are bigger than the previous models, it doesn’t look too crowded. It has all the details you can see on an authentic watch, and it looks high-quality. Moreover, on the original, the markings and hands have the Chromalight luminous coating that should shine in the dark. On the dial, you ca also see a date window. I am not sure if this one has it.Most of the markings are dots, while 12 is an upside down triangle and the 9 and the six are rectangular.

These definitely are some of the Rolex Explorer Replica Watch for men and must-haves for any watch aficionado. Since he lives in another state, he only sent me some pictures, so I didn’t get to see it. He’s a professional photographer, so that helps. Even so, since these photos are better than those I take, I can deliver to you, guys, a complete review. This Explorer II Rolex replica belongs to one of my friends. What you should know about the Explorer collection is that there are currently two models: the Explorer and Explore II. The first one was released in the late 1950s.Fake Rolex watches are my some of my favorites, and you can notice that only by reading the multiple reviews for Rolex models. The first Explorer is 39 mm, while the second one is 42 mm, bigger and bolder. In the watch movements section, I will tell you what I know from the owner of the watch.

This Rolex Replica Watch model features a 42 mm stainless steel case, and the dial has some increased size markings. The dial features wider hands, and there is a nice contrast created between the black dial, white markings and the orange GMT hand and writing. The stainless steel case it features some upgrades, such as bigger lugs and crown guards.