The First Luxury Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

Rolex produced the very first Submariner in 1953 with this model ref. 6204 watch. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner goes to not only become one of the most iconic timepieces from the world, but also one of the most heavily emulated, desired, and studied. The Rolex Submariner was the primary diver’s view from Rolex submariner blue replica watches and followed a legacy that began in 1926 when Rolex released its very first water-resistant view, the Oyster.

Submariner – 1953

Rolex really started its life in making dive watches with Panerai. True enough, ancient Panerai watches comprise Rolex movements, and for a little while in the 1930s, both the Italian and Korean firms worked together on military dive watches predicated on Panerai asking Rolex to help it create timepieces for the Italian Navy. Rolex submariner gold black dial replica watches learned from this experience but it wasn’t till the 1950s which Rolex would release its dive watch. The first Rolex Submariner started a long era of experimentation and improvement. The original ref. 6204 was produced for a year or less, and the same year a few other versions of this Rolex Submariner were being produced or intended. In reality, for most of its early life, the Rolex Submariner went through an intense set of not only evolutionary steps, but also design experimentation. This has led to a very wealthy area for collectors because so many versions existed early in the model’s history.

Now in 2013 that the Rolex Submariner is sized at 40mm wide, which is not any bigger than medium by many watch criteria. The original 1953 Rolex Submariner was only 37mm wide. It was also water resistant to just 100 meters. Rolex submariner green bezel fake watches quickly increased that to near 200 meters and now the Rolex Submariner is known by everyone to be water resistant to 300 meters. As a dive watch, the first Rolex Submariner includes a rotating dive-style timing bezel as well as the iconic instance shape which has more or less been represented by all of the Rolex Submariner versions that came after it.

Submariner – 1953

Besides the very different dial text compared to many other Rolex Submariner models, the most notable difference is the lack of”Mercedes Benz celebrity” style hand. A vital element of the Rolex Submariner is the different hour hand, designed as such to seem different than the minute hand for simple under-water reading. Rolex submariner 50th anniversary clone watch did not get to this until a little later. The hour markers on the original Rolex Submariner continue now, but Rolex experimented with various versions soon after the ref. 6204 was released. Another interesting design feature is that the gold-toned hands and hour markers, which depended on different Rolex Submariner models throughout the 1950s.

Given that the Rolex Submariner is this iconic and popular watch nowadays, it is interesting to observe how it all began. The entire record of the Rolex Submariner new movement replica , why Rolex made it, how they marketed it, and the many versions that followed would be the subject for several books. So we will end this article with that, and if you chance to find one of these ultra-rare Rolex Submariner watches, then consider yourself incredibly blessed.