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I am taking credit for these watches. I met with Time & Gems a while ago when seeing their progress with DLC and PVD treatments on Rolex Submariner Years Replica watch modifications, and suggested that they give a two tone “Rolesor” watch this type of treatment. Black and gold is a very nice combo, (especially yellow gold and black), and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Rolex mod that did this (though I could be wrong). So what Time & Gems did is black DLC coat the steel portions of these watches, and leave the gold parts of the watch and the dials alone. DLC is a very hard coating and is becoming favored to PVD at many brands. Time & Gems seems to confused the term DLC and PVD – and they seem to use them both. You can read more about the watch on their blog here. So unless I am missing something, these watches are DLC coated, not PVD. Pardon their confusion.

Rolex is just as much a lifestyle as it’s a watch brand, but we believe that a hands-on Rolex Submariner 0552 Replica Submariner review is still necessary since it’s meant to be used and worn. The business is a legend, and their products are the cornerstone of an industry that sells fantasies, status, quality and ideally, value. Whether or not individual entities at the luxury industry can deliver on these promises is a different story, however, that which creates Rolex so famous is its consistent ability to really deliver these goals to a huge extent. So today I look at probably the most popular Rolex product, the Rolex Submariner.For review I am looking at two Rolex Submariner models in steel. The gap between them ought to be apparent. One includes a date window with magnifier on that window on the sapphire crystal, whereas the No Date has none of the to get a cleaner looking dial. While the difference is minor, it is these little differences that are significant to midsize fans, and the cost difference between both isn’t inconsequential. UPDATE: Check our long-term Rolex Submariner 114060 watch review on aBlogtoWatch for even more.While I am rather well-versed in all things “watches,” I don’t consider myself to be a Rolex specialist compared to a lot of people that I know. I have a basic understanding of the brand’s history, the development of its products, and what’s attractive about watches like the Rolex Submariner. Other individuals have extremely detailed knowledge of each and every product, hard-to-find timepieces, differences in goods as they evolves, etc.. . The objective of this review will be to talk about the modern Rolex Submariner into the mainstream watch lovers and those interested in this is a worthy timepiece. Simply speaking, the Rolex Submariner started the dive watch trend that made those kinds of sport watches that the most desirable type of timepiece on the planet – and with its crown emblem, the Rolex Submariner thematically rules over the lot.

Time & Gems likes to work with pre-owned Rolex watches as a way of breathing life back into them. I think both the Daytona “Black Gold” and the Submariner “Black” gold came out nicely. It would also look good to a GMT Master II in this style.

The video where you can see the watches has a pretty ridiculous sound track. I mean I get that the watches are important to them, but there is a fine line between self-promotion and self-important. So just ignore the “biblical” tone of the music. No pricing information has been released yet, but I will try to update the post when it is.